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Triumph Thunderbird - Saddlebag Frame Kit

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Our motorcycle saddlebag frame kits are designed to work perfectly with our quick release leather saddlebags. Each frame has been engineered to mount on your motorcycle for a close and secure fit. The "quick release" comes from the built-in ability of our leather saddlebags to be completely detachable from the motorcycle frames in seconds.

The frame kit's are compatible with our "US Saddlebag Co." motorcycle leather saddlebags for a universal fit. (Every set of quick release leather saddlebags will mount perfectly to each frame set, however, the frames are specific to each bike. If you own multiple bikes you have the ability to transfer the official "US Saddlebag" motorcycle saddlebags from one bike to another as long as the frame kit is available.


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Customer Reviews

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Brackets and Saddlebags

I purchased and returned a set of mounting frames for my 2017 Triumph Thunderbird Storm as the frames weren't sized for it. They will fit only the first few years of the Thunderbird. The manufacturing of the bags and mounting is top notch. I have since mounted my bags to my bike using Easy Brackets.

US Saddlrbags for Triumph Thunderbird 1600

I am a big fan of US Saddlebags! I had a pair on my previous bike and loved them so much, I wanted to keep them for my new Triumph Thunderbird 1600. So I ordered the mounting brackets from US and attempted to mount my bags. I have to say the mounting instructions are pretty much useless. The instructions say to attach to the front and rear fender bolts. There are three on a triumph. The fron bolt is 10mm and the other two are 8mm. I only received 8mm bolts with kit. Also there is no way it mounts like that because the spacing of the bracket is either for the first two holes or the last two holes. I ended up using the last two holes because they were 8mm. It actually worked and looks good on the bike, but the rear bolts have a shoulder and are not quite long enough, so the rear mount is not tight. I think US should take a look at their instructions and hardware sent with this kit.


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