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The install was almost as easy as the help video. I have the quick detach backrest and luggage rack so the install was a little different due to the spool spacers. The bags look great, I get lots of compliments on them. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
Doug J

Tan & Red Flame Leather Saddlebags

These saddlebags are excellent in appearance & quality.

New Saddle bags

They look nice, but haven't installed them yet.

Indian Scout saddlebag frame kit

This product is easy to install & is the best way to attach saddlebags to the bike. Highly recommended.

Tool bag

This tool roll bag was way better than I expected. It is a perfect match in color with my Indian Scout tan seat. The leather was thicker than expected and was the finishing touch in customizing. I highly recommend this tool bag.

I'm very happy with the saddle bags they were simple to install. They match the leather seat on on my Scout very well, they look great. Glad I bought the larger bags

Indian Chief classic

Wonderful saddle bags highly recommended

I love the bags but have already reviewed your bags and it is posted on your website.

Tan large capacity bags Indian scout

Very easy to install both bags and frame

Indian Chief Classic - Saddlebag Frame Kit


Frames where shipped in a timely manner everything looks like it’s in good condition due to the weather I have not been able to install the frames I will tell you how it goes when I get better weather maybe sends some pics

Warrior saddlebags for 2018 Scout

Bought the warrior saddlebags in desert tan for my Scout. Leather matched perfect. Look great on the bike


The quality and service fulfilled my expectations.


Exactly what I was looking for and very well made. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you U.S. Saddlebags!

Beautiful saddlebags-Indian Scout

I just received my saddlebags today. They look really nice and exactly as I wanted them to be. There is plenty of room to put my gear when riding. I am very pleased with my purchase.

2018 Indian Scout Tan Medium Saddlebags

My wife and I each have 2018 Indian scouts, and we ordered two sets of tan medium saddlebags. These are great bags! The quality and workmanship is top notch, and the design is excellent, both of the bags themselves and the mounting system. They look great on the bike, as well. We're very happy with their appearance, function, and solid fit on the bike. They're the perfect size for these bikes (to us, YMMV), they have enough room for what we carry for short weekend trips, and they look proportionate to the size of the bikes. (We have tail bags to use in addition when we take longer trips.)
Installation in theory is very simple and straight forward. Unfortunately in our case, the span between bolt holes in the frames was the tiniest fraction of an inch shorter than the span between the holes in the fenders. This was the case with all four frames, two for each bike. Now, they weren't so short that I couldn't install the frames, but the bolts didn't quite line up to go in perfectly straight, meaning I had to use a lot more torque than I should have. They did go in eventually, but with a lot of sweat. Fortunately I never thought I'd be wanting to remove the frames and putting them back on, and in my mind they're meant to stay on the bike, so I won't be going through that process again. Once they are on, the whole system works really great. The bags go on and off very easily, they lock on the frames, and they mount very solidly. No shaking and rattling like some other removable bag systems.
In conclusion, we're both very happy with the bags and the system, and would absolutely purchase them again. I thought about taking away one star for the difficulty in installation, but the bags and mounting system are just so good they deserve five stars. Thanks for a great product!
Bobby and Jennifer Baxmeyer
Lawrenceville, NJ

Indian Scout - Saddlebag Frame Kit

Tool bag

Excellent product fast turnaround


Very easy to install and looks great when riding stripped down without the bags. Had the right hardware supplied to install with my removable backrest and luggage rack on my Dyna Super Glide Custom. It was an exact fit and is all functional without a hitch.

Buy it

Use the spacers and included bolts(or of the same dimensions) and it's perfect and better than any other crap on the market. 1/4" steel plate all MIG welded without any signs of pourosity

Great saddle bags for my Harley Davidson FXDC

Well made, looks good and very functional. A great replacement for my ailing, ten year old, Harley Davidson saddle bags. They were easy to install and now I can take what I need to wherever I have to go. I love how they look when on my bike, and how my bike looks when I decide to ride stripped down. They are super easy to add or remove as needed.

Nice bags

I like how the bags are standard to fit all of the mounting brackets so when one wears out it’s easy to replace. The mounting brackets went on without a hitch but weren’t even on both sides. One side was sticking out more than the other and the other was pressing into the paint. I thought about sending them back for a replacement but figured the replacement would be the same so I opted to try and bend them. Strong street, let me tell you, I’m a big strong guy and had a tough time. I then used a pry bar and bent it in the middle, so now it’s noticeable if you look closely. The look straight now. I’m not upset because custom hand-made items like this are never perfect. In the 33 years I’ve been riding I have had to correct a lot of motorcycle aftermarket accessories. Besides that though, these look and function great. Buy a 4-pack of luggage locks at any store and they do a good job at securing your items. Granted thieves can always jab your bag with a knife to get inside but then they’d render the bag itself useless to steel, even if they got around the key lock. And even hardbags can be easily pried open with a screw driver. Nice bags in every way. And they were made by Americans and some American families were able to feed their kids from my purchase. That means a lot to me.

Fits well

I used the supports for some generic throw over bags to keep them away from the bike. Worked perfect!

Good product

Good quality and very practical.


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