Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to drill any holes to mount these frames?

NO, our frames mount directly into your existing fender holes. In rare cases some backrest or luggage racks may have to be modified with a small hole to gain access to the bolt holes.

Are these compatible with my backrest or sissy bar?

Yes, in most cases you share the existing mounting holes with your backrest and sissy bar, it is matter of using longer bolts and spacers provided in the kit.

What tools do I need to install these?

You need to have hex head alan set. 10mm and 8mm for metric bikes or 3/8th for standard bikes. Also some motorcycles have stock bolts on the fender rail that require a socket head for removal.  

Can I have the frame kits in chrome?

No, all of our frames come black powder coated. It is however possible to sand blast and have them chromed yourself, doing this of course will void your warrantee.

Are these bags compatible with other mounting systems?

No, our quick release bags ONLY work with our frame kits. However our throw over bags will work with any aftermarket mounting system.

If I get a new bike will my bags still work?

Yes, as long as it is a motorcycle we make a frame kit for the bags are universal with the exception of the Harley Davidson Sportser which has its own slightly smaller bags.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, however our free shipping policy applies only to the continental United States. Elsewhere you will be charged an additional fee depending on your location.

Do I need to relocate my turn signals?

It depends, most bikes no. However ALL Harley Davidson Sporters and SOME Harley Davison Dynas do.

What should I treat my leather with?

We recommend that you use “Mink Oil” which is available at most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Will these bags lose shape over time?

No, the bag itself is ABS Plastic and High Density Polypropelene, We stitch the leather around that hard shell.

Are these bags truly real leather?

Yes, our saddlebags are 100% genuine American top grain leather.

Can I return these bags if for some reason I am unhappy?

Yes, we have a full money back warrantee at no cost to you in the event that you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

Do I need to relocate my license plate?

Generally no, However some Harley Davidson Sportster models require you to do so.

Do I need to lower my exhaust pipe?

Generally no, However the Harley Davidson Fat Boy does, and the Honda Aero VT750 after 2008 does.

Will you repair my bags if they need to be fixed?

For the most part we offer free repairs for things like broken zippers, locks, clips, and rivets. If the overall integrity of the bag is damaged (like in a wreck) we will work with you to repair them but you may be asked to pay for some parts and labor.

Can I have a custom color?

he standard colors that we offer are Red, White, Blue, Silver, Orange, and Black. We do have additional colors that we have used for custom orders like Purple, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Green and other shades of Blue. Please be advised that although there is no additional charge for custom colors, they are not returnable. Many customers have utilized a “leather paint” product to achieve custom colors if you are a savoy “do it yourselfer,” however remember this will also void your warrantee.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Almost all of our orders ship out the day they are received. We ship UPS ground and expedited shipping is available for an extra fee.

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